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Watch: Intelligent elephant cracks centre of gravity problem!

Screengrab from the video.

Elephants are known to be intelligent animals but this one appears to know his physics rather well as he cracks the centre of gravity problem with perfection! 

In the video going viral, an elephant is seen picking up a big uneven log of wood with its trunk and trying to balance it in a horizontal position on a wooden pole fixed to the ground at the Basel Zoological Garden in Switzerland.

While initially it appears the elephant is struggling a bit to place the log, within a few seconds, the animal manages to place it in perfect balance in the horizontal position on the pole with the help of its tusk.

TikTok user Julien Perceval Clap (@julienpercevalcla) posted the video after a recent visit to the Zoo. 

Views of the amazing video surged after former basketball star Rex Chapman shared it on Twitter, gathering nearly 2 million views in less than 12 hours. “You gotta be kidding me,” the former NBA player wrote about the elephant’s feat!