About Us

India Narrative, a news and views website, impactfully captures a new phase in aspirational India’s rise as an influential player on the global stage.
It aspires to convey the message that an eastern democracy rooted in India’s deep and inclusive civilizational DNA can deliver prosperity and harmony based on ancient tradition of dialogue and debate.
The website recognises the emergence of a multipolar world, where global power is not concentrated in one geographical area but is more evenly distributed among several poles both in the east and the west.
Apart from bringing on the table in-depth India-centred analysis and opinions showcasing shifts in global geopolitical and geo-economic developments, the website will also spotlight the country’s rising geo-cultural soft power beyond its borders, both in the direction of the Indo-Pacific, as well as Eurasia.
The portal will also focus on India’s contribution towards arresting climate change, renewable energy, and deployment of digital technology to leapfrog into a new era of comprehensive modernisation.
Besides, the website is also engaged in developing an Indian narrative on all developments in South Asia under the ‘Neighbourhood First’ doctrine, Southeast Asia under the Act East Policy framework and with West Asia and North Africa under the Extended neighbourhood approach.
Besides, the rise of Africa is also on India Narrative’s radar. The role of the Indian diaspora across the globe to carry forward the story of India’s rise receives focused attention on the website.
In engaging with the world, India Narrative supports the doctrine of Strategic Autonomy where India takes its decisions purely based on its interests and values, humbly but firmly opposing attempts by any nation to impose its will on a great and rising civilizational state.
While bringing in-depth coverage, analysis and opinions from across the globe, India Narrative’s uncompromising thrust will remain on credibility, balance and time-tested principles of ethical and quality journalism.