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Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Wild Goose Pagoda in Xian where great Buddhist monk Hsüan-tsang or XuanZang resided during the Tang Dynasty

How China preserved India’s cultural brilliance in Far history—Part 1

Father, Prof. Raghu Vira studied Chinese at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London in 1928. He was impressed by the beauty and complexity of Chinese characters. He came from a background of Sanskrit philosophy and grammar. The Sanskrit grammar of Panini is very intricate. Father saw Panini in the complex visual forms of Chinese ideograms. At the same time, back home, India was seeking new dimensions to her freedom movement in terms of what would be the nature of the independent....read more

Rs 80 crore black money trail detected in tax raid on leading Madhya Pradesh group

The Income Tax Department has detected a black money trail to the tune of Rs 80 crore in a raid carried out on a leading group engaged in the business of sand mining, sugar manufacturing and liquor, according to an official statement issued today. The s....read more