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Is Japan planning to expand its military in view of a China threat (Photo credit: US Japan Exercise/Facebook)

Is a wrathful China driving Japan to unshackle its armed forces?

In the last few weeks, Japan has let out a strident tone highlighting Chinese military adventurism towards Taiwan, going to the extent of saying that a war could break out if China is not restrained. Japan has said that a Chinese invasion of Taiwan could also result in Japan and the US wading into a war with the communist nation. Tokyo has said that Beij....read more

Chittagong seaport, can break the northeast's reliance on the "chicken's neck," unshackle trade: ADB

The Chittagong seaport can break the northeast's critical reliance on the "chicken's neck"--the narrow corridor that connects the region with the rest of India. It can also serve as the trans-shipment hub for India as it will connect the northeas....read more