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Alexander Dugin (Image courtesy: Strategic Research Institute)

The Great Awakening: A scream in the night

In 2020, at the forum in Davos, the forum’s founder Klaus Schwab and Charles, the Prince of Wales, proclaimed a new course for humanity, the Great Reset. The plan, according to the Prince of Wales, consists of five points: 1. To capture the imagination and will of humanity – change will only happen if people really want it; 2. The economic recovery must put the world on the path to sustainable employment, livelihoods and growth. Lo....read more

WhatsApp adamant on rolling out controversial data policy for Indian users

WhatsApp is pushing ahead with its controversial new privacy policy for Indian users with a reminder on Sunday that it would come into effect from May 15. Users have been asked to accept the new terms, which allow WhatsApp to share more user data with its parent c....read more