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 'Flying Sikh' Milkha Singh died at the age of 91 on Friday night due to post Covid-19 complications. His wife, Nirmal Kaur, a former India volleyball captain, had also lost her battle to the virus five days ago (Image courtesy: Twitter/Jeev Milkha Singh)

The Milkha Singh I knew

Long before Sunny Deol's blockbuster Gadar was released, the gory scenes of Partition riots had played before my eyes - especially the massacre that happened on trains arriving from Pakistan - through the words of Milkha Singh, India's greatest-ever athlete who passed away Friday night. A teenager running to save his life after his family was butchered, dead bodies piled on carts and in train compartments, I shuddered with horror as the great man relived the traumatic events all over ....read more

Amid Covid crisis, LatAm must not give in to pressures from Big Pharma

Latin America – hit by a brutal Covid 19 wave – not just infections but even deaths-- must resist pressure from the Big Pharma and certain advanced economies on the vaccine patent issue. Instead they must strongly support the TRIPS waiver negotiations ....read more

Covid-19 In India