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Watch: Messi’s magic does it again

Lionel Messi scores brilliant goal to guide Inter Miami to the Leagues Cup title.

Lionel Messi continued his superb run for Inter Miami as he scored another brilliant goal to take his side to the USA League Cup title on Sunday.

Messi struck in the 24th minute as he received a pass just outside the penalty box and sent the ball into the top corner of the net to score a mesmerising ball as the Nashville goalkeeper was comprehensively beaten. This was Messi’s 10th goal in 7 matches.

He later converted his penalty in the shootout as Inter Miami defeated Nashville on penalties (10-9) after the match ended 1-1 in regulation time.

Miami were at the bottom of the heap in Major League Soccer when Messi joined them a month ago but he has completely changed their fortune, bringing to the top with the League Cup title.