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Afghanistan has turned into “graveyard of girls’ hopes” under Taliban: UN

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Amid restrictions imposed on women, and girls in Afghanistan under the Taliban, the United Nations has said that the country has become a “graveyard of girls’ hopes”, reported TOLOnews.

Emphasising its support for Afghan girls in their struggle for the right to an education in spite of the ban, the UN Women’s section highlights the tenacity of Afghan girls in the face of educational prohibitions on the occasion of International Day of Girls in ICT on Thursday .

Every year the fourth Thursday of April is celebrated as the International Day of Girls in ICT (Information and Communications Technology) to honour the leadership, involvement, and empowerment of women in the field, according to TOLOnews.

The Taliban, who have taken back control of Afghanistan on August 15, 2021,, have closed universities to female students and prohibited them from attending schools beyond the sixth grade. The Taliban continues to enforce the prohibition on girls attending school, even in the face of national and international criticism.

The Taliban have also prohibited women to work, which has gotten worse for the nation’s human and women’s rights.

More than two and a half years have passed and the Taliban has yet to make any new statements regarding the reopening of schools for girls above sixth grade. As the Taliban solidifies its control over Afghanistan, the humanitarian crisis in the country has worsened.

With infrastructure crumbling and essential services disrupted, millions are at risk of starvation and disease. Humanitarian organisations struggle to provide aid amidst security concerns and logistical challenges.

The ban on girls’ schools since the Taliban takeover has led to a generation of girls deprived of education, perpetuating cycles of poverty and inequality.