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Watch: Chandrayaan-3’s Prayag rover exploring South Pole of Moon

Screengrab from the video.

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has released a video showing the Chandrayaan-3’s Pragyan rover as it explores the surface of the Moon around Shiv Shakti point, the touchdown site of the lander Vikram.

“Pragyan rover roams around Shiv Shakti Point in pursuit of lunar secrets at the South Pole!” ISRO tweeted along with the video.

This comes just hours after Prime Minister Narendra Modi named the touchdown site of the Vikram lander on the Moon as Shiv Shakti point. PM Modi also announced that August 23, the day India became the first country in the world to land on the unexplored South Pole of the Moon will now onwards be celebrated as National Space Day.

The Prime Minister, on his return from the BRICS summit in South Africa and a visit to Greece on Saturday headed straight to Bengaluru to meet the ISRO scientists and congratulate them on their extraordinary achievement.

“Today, I am very feeling a new kind of happiness among you,” a beaming PM added.

“Such kind of happiness… these are very rare occasions when the whole body and soul is drenched in happiness,” PM Modi said while addressing the scientists at ISRO’s Mission Control Complex in Bengaluru.

“I salute your dedication. I salute your patience. I salute your hard work. I salute your inspiration,” the Prime Minister remarked.