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Watch: Angry rhino charges at safari jeep, narrow escape for tourists

Screengrab from the video

A scary video has surfaced on Instagram where an angry rhinoceros charges at a jungle safari jeep and keeps chasing it down the road. The incident happened when Anastasia Chapman was on a safari in the world-famous Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa.

The video shows the rhino who is feeding on grass, suddenly flying into a fit of rage as he sees the jeep and charging aggressively at the vehicle. The expert driver then speeds away through muddy road to escape the beast’s wrath.

According to wildlife experts, the video also raises the issue of such safari groups getting too close to wild animals and disturbing them which makes them furious. This excessive enthusiasm to get closer is also dangerous and needs to be curbed.

Latest Sightings – Kruger shared the video with a caption that read, ”Rhino charges car down the road.”