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South Korea: Baloch National Movement protests at Biff Square against ‘state-sponsored’ oppression

Baloch National Movement holds protest in South Korea (Image Credit: @BNMovement_)

The South Korean chapter of the Baloch National Movement (BNM) staged a protest at Biff Square in South Korea’s Busan calling for an end to what they describe as “state-sponsored” oppression against the Baloch people, The Balochistan Post reported.

To raise awareness about the ongoing crisis in Balochistan, protesters distributed pamphlets to residents. During the demonstration, the protesters expressed their anger and denounced the Pakistani state for the widespread enforced disappearances and unresolved cases of thousands of missing Baloch individuals.

During the demonstration, protestors distributed pamphlets to residents, raising awareness about the ongoing crisis in Balochistan, according to The Balochistan Post report. Shouting anti-Pakistan slogans, the demonstrators expressed their frustration and anger and criticized the Pakistani state for the widespread enforced disappearances and highlighted cases of thousands of missing Baloch individuals.

Bakhtawar Baloch, one of the protesters, spoke of the Baloch people’s enduring fight against what she termed “Pakistani occupation,” which has lasted for 75 years. She criticized the Pakistani state for the suppression and denial of self-determination rights.

She condemned the alleged “genocide” of the Baloch people by Pakistani forces over the forced disappearances of women, students, human rights activists, journalists, leaders, scholars, engineers, doctors, political and social workers and livestock herders, The Balochistan Post reported.

Residents of South Korea expressed sympathy for the Baloch cause and highlighted the need for international recognition of the Baloch people’s suffering, The Balochistan Post reported. Speakers like Hafsa Baloch, Sameer Baloch, and Agha Faiz also denounced the treatment meted out to Baloch people by the Pakistani state. Protesters marched through Biff Square as they shouted slogans.

On Thursday, Baloch rights activist Sammi Deen Baloch voiced concern over the atrocities inflicted by the Pakistan Army on the locals of Mashkay, who are being forced into labour camps for the reconstruction of the alleged army post attacked recently.

“The people of Mashkay Tank are facing the worst atrocities in the ongoing struggle of Balochistan,” Sammi Deen Baloch said.

She said that about a month ago, an army camp was attacked by separatists in Balochistan’s Mashkay. She said, “After this attack, the locals are forced to work for free in inhumane conditions. They are forced to leave their occupations and jobs. Moreover, all the physically fit men of the area are taken to labour camps and are forced to do labour work for free. They are forced to work as cleaners, sweepers and physical labourers for free.”

The Baloch rights activist highlighted that in some cases the people are used as a human shield to protect the army personnel in case of potential attacks.

Sammi Deen Baloch said, “They are captured in a live prison, they are not allowed to take care of their families or go back to their farms. For over a month now these men have been working for the army for free, whereas their fields remain barren. Their families are forced to starve and their pockets remain empty.”