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Video: Lion bites off zookeeper’s finger as prank backfires

Screengrab from the video.

In a horrifying tragedy, a zookeeper had his finger bitten off by a lion in Jamaica as he was poking the beast with his fingers on the nose and near its mouth through the wire mesh of the cage.

In the CCTV footage of the incident, the man is seen showing off to visitors that he was bold enough to play around with the lion as though it was a pet cat. 

Viral footage has captured the horrifying moment in which the man can be seen desperately trying to pull his hand away, while the lion continues to hold on.

The provoked lion roars in anger, but the zookeeper continues with his prank. Then suddenly the lion grabs the finger and refuses to let go as the Zookeeper struggles to get it free.

The man polls back with his full strength and then falls back in agony and pain as his finger snaps in the lion’s mouth. He ended up losing an entire finger.

According to a report in the Jamaica Observer, an eyewitness said when it happened she thought it was a joke and it was part of their job to put on a show.

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