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WATCH: Pilot makes breathtaking emergency landing on 4-lane busy US highway as plane’s engine starts stalling

Screengrab from the video.

A pilot was forced to make a breathtaking emergency landing on a busy highway in the United States as the single engine of his aircraft began to stall. 

A camera on the wing of the plane captured a video of the touch-and-go landing.

According to FoxNews, on July 3, pilot Vicent Fraser was flying the aircraft with his father-in-law when he was forced to land on a four-lane highway in North Carolina as his plane's engine began to fail.

The video footage shows the plane flying low, hovering dangerously over several cars before touching down on the road and missing a string of power lines by a whisker. Fraser finally lands the plane smoothly, veering off the highway towards a side road junction.

The Swain County Sheriff's Office shared the video footage of the incredible landing on Facebook.