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Watch: Father-son duo take on mighty crocodile in battle over big barramundi fish

Screengrab from the video.

A father-son duo fishing in Australia had to battle a huge crocodile which started chasing a big barramundi fish that they had hooked and were reeling in on their fishing line.

According to DailyStar, the incident took place in the waters of Chaills Crossing in Kakadu, Australia.

Video footage shows other bystanders telling the son, Scott Roscarel, who is quickly reeling in his catch to let the crocodile take the fish. However, he refuses to give up and speeds up his reeling to beat the crocodile to the game.  Scott then runs back from the embankment to create more distance from the crocodile as the beast eventually ends up on the concrete siding near the water.

The bold father then went confidently forward to pick up his son’s hat that had fallen while he was reeling in the fish. However, he has come in for some criticism over risking his life and limb to retrieve a mere hat.