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King Charles gets angry again at signing ceremony as pen leaks

Screengrab from the video

UK’s King Charles III got irritated over a leaky pen on Tuesday while signing a book at Hillsborough Castle in Northern Ireland in the full glare of TV cameras. This is the second time in the last few days that he has lost his cool at such ceremonies.

King Charles, on his visit to Northern Ireland as part of the mourning ceremony for his mother Queen Elizabeth, was greeted by cheering crowds and delivered his pledge.

However, after this while signing a visitors’ book at Hillsborough Castle near Belfast, Charles reacted angrily when a pen he was using leaked on his hand.

“Oh God I hate this !” Charles remarked, standing up and handing the pen to his wife and Queen Consort Camilla.

“Oh look, it’s going everywhere,” Camilla said as Charles wiped his fingers.

“I can’t bear this bloody thing… every stinking time,” Charles said expressing his displeasure.

The pen was then quickly taken away by an aide. The entire incident was widely reported in the British media.

Reuters news agency cited a former aide of the King as saying “Charles could be fun, but was also short-tempered and demanding.”

On Saturday when signing his accession documents in London, the king had angrily gestured to aides to remove a pen holder on the table that got in his way.

When completing the documents on Tuesday he also used the wrong date, before checking with an aide who told him it was Sept 12, not Sept. 13.

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