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90-year-old Sikh Peer to present Coronation Glove to King Charles III

Image posted on Facebook by indrajit.singh.5

Lord Indarjit Singh, 90, will represent the Sikh community at the coronation ceremony of King Charles III at Westminster Abbey in London on Saturday.

Lord Indrajit Singh of Wimbledon will participate in the procession of Peers who walk up to the altar before handing over the Coronation Glove to the King. The white glove is a demonstration of the Sovereign as advocate and challenger for the protection and honour of the people and has been part of the coronation ceremony since that of Richard II in 1377.

Singh us a member of the House of Lords, the second chamber of the UK Parliament.

“It’s a great honour for myself, but much more for the wider Sikh community, in this country, in India and further afield wherever Sikhs are across the globe. It’s a recognition of the King’s view of inclusivity,” said Lord Singh, in an interview ahead of the historic ceremony.

“I have known King Charles for many years, we met on many occasions, seminars, presentations, and I admire the work he is doing against global warming, care of the environment and so on. But I admire his attitude to religion even more,” Lord Singh said.

Lord Indarjit also represented the Sikh community at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

“He likes the Sikh community so much that he attends many functions. He also has a good understanding of Sikhism. King Charles delivered an excellent address on Sikhism at the Royal Albert Hall,” Singh to PTC News channel.

Singh said he is confident that King Charles III will make a huge contribution to further not only interfaith relations but to make religion, often regarded as a cause of conflict, a force of good.