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As Taliban besieges Kabul, political transition in Afghanistan imminent

As Taliban besieges Kabul, political transition in Afghanistan imminent (Courtesy: Tass news agency)

As Taliban besieges Kabul and cuts off its supply lines, a political transition under fire is imminent before the group formally takes the city.

Insiders told India Narrative that three major developments are expected from now and Tuesday.

First, with hardly any other military options, and staring at defeat, the Taliban will press the Abdul Ghani government for a transitional government, which will be heavily loaded in the extremist group’s favour.

Already the name of Mullah Ghani Baradar, the face of the Taliban who could take over the reins of power, is circulating in social media circles. Al Araybia channel of Saudi Arabia is reporting that Taliban's leader of political office, Mullah Baradar, heads to Afghanistan. He is expected to help to establish a transitional government”. Baradar was in Qatar, the channel said.

Baradar is already in Kabul, the channel added.

Second, though “rogue elements” may make a push, the Taliban is unlikely to formally enter the city till the time the US and the NATO powers complete their evacuation from the city. “ From Bagram airport that is already under the Taliban to Kabul international airport is about an hour’s drive. But the corridor to the airport is heavily secured, which would make it impossible to attack this zone till the evacuations are complete,” the source said.

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Third, the fate of leaders such has President Ashraf Ghani is yet to be decided, but it is unlikely that he would be personally harmed. “Ghani is a US passport holder and it is unlikely that he will face the fate  late Afghan President Najibullah whom the Taliban had killed when they took over Kabul more that two decades ago,” the insider said.

Master at mind-games and hoping to add more pressure for a complete capitulation, the Taliban are on the offensive in the propaganda war.

Wanting  to take control of the city without firing a shot, the Taliban have already announced that they are not entering the city—a decision with the obvious intent of giving time to craft an unequal deal with the Ghani administration, and seek the surrender of troops.

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Separately, Taliban spokesperson ZabiHullah has tweeted that Mazar-e-Sharif, the possible base for resistance to the Taliban has fallen to the group, adding more pressure on the Afghan government that their cause is completely lost.

“Mazar-e-Sharif, the capital of Balkh province, was also conquered. Recently, the governor's office, police headquarters, intelligence, 2 Shaheen corps, Qala-e-Jangi and Dehdadi district centre, police headquarters and all facilities were completely conquered. Much of the vehicles, weapons and equipment fell into the hands of the Mujahideen. Come on in, take a look.”