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Afghanistan: People in Herat plead for security following deadly Mosque attack

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People in the Herat province of Afghanistan have called for security after a deadly Mosque attack killed at least five people on Tuesday, which included a woman and a child, according to TOLOnews.

The identity of the attackers is unclear as of now, according to security officials.

The gunman attacked the mosque in Mohammadiya, Guzara district, in western Herat during the evening prayers.

Mohammad Zaman, a resident of Herat, called for securing the place of worship and said, “It is the nation’s demand that the government should secure all mosques and should pay more attention to this matter.”

Meanwhile, another resident, Asadullah Qeemet, said: “Security must be taken so that people no longer suffer; this is my request from the government,” according to TOLOnews.

This attack occured five months after gunmen attacked residents, including two Shia clergy, in the Jabriyal neighbourhood west of Herat City. That attack killed six persons, two of whom were women.

Residents of Herat have demanded the identification and conviction of those guilty of attacks on people in their province.

However, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack so far.

The investigation of the incident is underway.