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After US plane incident, Russia makes open-ended offer to fly Afghans to other countries

Desperation on the part of Afghans to leave the country has led to death of two persons (Pic Courtesy DW)

Russia has made an open-ended offer to fly desperate Afghans to other countries, whichever are willing to accept them.

The announcement comes after two Afghans fell to their death after they clung on  to an American C-130 plane after it had taken off.

Russia is prepared to provide its aircraft to fly out Afghan citizens from Afghanistan to other countries, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Thursday.

“To prevent an aggravation of humanitarian problems in Afghanistan, we are ready to offer Russian civil aviation services to take any number of Afghan citizens to any countries that show an interest in accepting and accommodating them,” she said.

Zakharova, however, did not give any details on how many Afghan refugees that  Russia was willing to accept.

The spokesperson said that the world community should be open minded about its approach to the Taliban.

She added: “The Taliban taking control is a reality the entire global community should now take into account when managing their ties with Afghanistan. The Taliban are showing a tendency towards dialogue and are ready to consider the interests of Afghan citizens.”

Thousands of desperate Afghans had choked Kabul’s airport within minutes after Kabul fell to the Taliban on Sunday.

It has now come to light that an Afghan doctor who was a newlywed and an aspirational  teenager who had plans of traveling the world fell to their deaths while desperately clinging on to a US 130n plane.

Mohammed Vida, 22, was one who died in the C-130 incident.

Speaking to Al Arabiya, the 22-year-old’s father Pineda wept as he spoke about his dead son.

The grieving father said his son spent years studying at school, and then at the university where he graduated, before getting a job in a private hospital, he told Al Arabiya.

Pineda said that he learnt about his son’s death after he received a phone call with the caller saying that he had got his number from the pocket of the dead victim.

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