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Taliban calls for help to rebuild Afghanistan, extract resources

Taliban calls for help to rebuild Afghanistan, extract resources

With its economy in dire straits after it had seized power on  Sunday, the Taliban is seeking help from the world to rebuild Afghanistan, and tap its enormous mineral wealth.

"We just withdrew from the stage of war and destruction and entered a new phase when the people of Afghanistan need the help of other countries," Taliban spokesperson Mohammad Suhail Shaheen said on Friday.

He called upon foreign nations to help Afghanistan in the areas of “healthcare, infrastructure, education, other sectors. They can enter and develop our natural resources," he said as reported by Ariana Television station.

Shaheen insisted that the Taliban was extending  invitation to join in Afghanistan’s reconstruction to all countries, without discrimination. "This is an invitation [of the movement] to all countries," Shaheen said, adding that the Talibs "appreciate the help of any state in such a critical moment in the history of Afghanistan."

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Earlier, in an interview with ANI, Taliban had warned India that it should not militarily intervene in Afghanistan. In return, India was welcome to carry on with its humanitarian assistance and reconstruction activity in Afghanistan.

Speaking to the news agency, the Qatar-based spokesperson had said: “What do you mean by military role? If they come to Afghanistan militarily and have their presence. I think that will not be good for them, they have seen the fate of military presence in Afghanistan of other countries. So, it is an open book for them. And about their help to the Afghan people or national projects, I think that is something which is appreciated."

He added: "We appreciate everything that has been done for the people of Afghanistan like dams, national projects, infrastructure and anything that is for the development of Afghanistan, for its reconstruction, for economic prosperity and for the people of Afghanistan".

Shaheen pointed out that the Indian diplomatic community should not fear the comeback of the Taliban, as it will not be harmed.

"About assurance to diplomats and embassies, there is no danger from our side to them. We will not target any embassy, any diplomat that we have said in our statements, not once but many times. So, it is our commitment that is being published in the media. On India’s concerns, I think it is up to them.

The Taliban spokesman further added that the Sikh community in Afghanistan would be allowed to practice their rituals under Taliban rule.

The Taliban seized control of Kabul on August 15 without encountering any resistance  Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani stepped down to prevent any bloodshed , and has moved to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Afghan Vice-President Amrullah Saleh, who has assumed the role of acting president in tune with the constitution, has raised the banner of armed resistance against the Taliban. Western countries are currently preoccupied in evacuating their citizens and embassy staff from Kabul.