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US: Protesters drape huge Palestinian flag at venue of White House Correspondents’ Dinner amid growing Gaza outrage

Protests in US over mounting civilian toll in Gaza (Photo: Reuters)

Amid the disquiet in Israel over the rising tide of anti-Semitic protests in the US, especially across Ivy League campuses, at a time when support has been pouring in for the people of Gaza in the face of the relentless armed offensive against Hamas; a White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday came into focus after a huge Palestinian flag was spotted at the venue, The New York Post reported.

A group of protesters, calling for an end to civilian casualties in Gaza, draped a huge Palestinian flag over the side of the venue, even as they directed slogans at the dinner guests and the motorcade of US President Joe Biden as he arrived at the venue, according to The New York Post.

A few among the group of protesters even stormed the red carpet at the event, the report noted.

Hundreds of protesters milled outside the Hilton Hotel in Washington D.C on Saturday night where the White House reporters were being hosted at the annual charity dinner.

Video clips of protesters storming the red carpet event were widely shared on social media, purportedly showing them unfurling the Palestinian flag from one of the hotel’s top floors, according to The New York Post.

Some of the demonstrators were seen carrying a large sign that read “Biden’s legacy is genocide” at the red-carpet event, while several others yelled “Stop the genocide in Gaza” as Biden’s motorcade passed by on the way to the hotel, The New York Post reported, citing the videos circulating online.

Campuses across the US have been grappling with growing pro-Palestinian protests, prompting administrators to implement unprecedented measures to address the situation, CNN reported.

The unfolding protests, counter-protests, administrative interventions, and calls from lawmakers underline the turmoil engulfing American universities, according to CNN.

The unrest has left some students, particularly those of Jewish descent, apprehensive about their safety, particularly as the Passover holiday unfolds, the report noted.