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Russia not in panic mode—says not evacuating embassy staff despite Taliban’s advances in Afghanistan

Russia’s Special Presidential Envoy for Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov

Unlike the United States and most of its NATO allies, whose diplomats are queuing up for a hasty exit from Kabul, the Russians have decided to stay put , despite the Taliban’s military advances in Afghanistan.

Russia’s Special Presidential Envoy for Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov told TASS news agency on Friday that the Russian embassy was not being evacuated, despite the fall of Kandahar and Herat, among the two largest cities in Afghanistan.

"No, it’s (evacuation) not being considered," Kabulov was quoted as saying. 

In his assessment , the Taliban has no opportunities to capture Kabul "in the foreseeable future."

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Afghanistan’s security situation worsened  in April after US President Joe Biden announced that the American armed forces were departing by September 11.

In the wake of the Taliban’s march, the US has cut a deal with the Taliban, India Narrative reported earlier. The group, keen to see the back of American forces form the Hindukush mountains, has complied with Washington’s request of not attacking the US embassy,  as its staff exits from Kabul.

According to AP, the Biden administration is rushing 3,000  troops to  Kabul airport to support the US embassy evacuation.

Britain’s ministry of defence said  on Thursday that it will send around 600 troops to Afghanistan on a short-term basis to help UK nationals leave the country. And Canadian special forces will deploy to Afghanistan to help Canadian staff leave Kabul.

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Russia, nevertheless has activated its forces near Central Asia’s border with Afghanistan, in order to prevent a spill over of the Taliban and its allies into the region, its backyard. In a warning to the Taliban, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan have already held large-scale military exercise near the Afghan border.