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Jain’s jail massage episode exposes AAP hypocrisy

AAP leader Satyendar Jain gets massage at Tihar Jail

A video showing Delhi Minister Satyendar Jain enjoying a foot massage in his cell at Tihar Jail, has made headlines. While the opposition parties slammed Kejariwal for being the main actor in this blatant misuse of power and authority allowing masseurs and free access of people in jailed minister Satyendra Jain’s cell, Kejariwal remained brazen. His government even promptly spoke out in Satyendra Jain’s defence. This episode clearly shows that in our nation, everything is possible if you are wealthy or powerful. Bend any rule or law and get away with any crime by bribing the people in power, is the mantra perpetuated by our political and elite class for decades. Commit a humungous crime but be on the right side of those who matter, and you can have a free run and justice will never be allowed to catch up with you. This is the norm.

Satyendra Jain’s “ jail massage” episode has only added a new low to the already abysmal morals of the ruling elite. Through this action, the ruling class has proclaimed shamelessly to the masses that they are above law and will do whatever they want. They also know that public memory is very short and sooner than later people will be debating some other such incident showcasing a newer low in public morals. In this episode, all those involved in this blatant illegality should be punished severely and should not be allowed to evade responsibility.

Certainly, this is not an isolated case where jail authorities were influenced to provide all luxuries inside the jail to the rich and powerful. It is a template for corrupt practices rampant inside our jails. A thorough reform to cleanse the functioning of our jails is urgently required along with massive upgradation of jail infrastructure. This corrective action has been kept pending by our governments for generations. It should act urgently now.

In this hullabaloo, people have forgotten the serious charges levelled against Mr. Kejariwal by a conman, presently lodged in the same jail where Satyendra Jain’s massage saga happened. The charges levelled by the complainant are too serious to be ignored on the ground that they have been made by a person who conned many and is lodged in Tihar jail. The problem is that we, the people, have mastered the art of believing in the camouflaging of every unpleasant and ugly truth.

There is a constant wilful obduracy to conceal the truth. All false narrratives are propagated and we wilfully swallow these falsehoods and don’t interrogate them nullifying Satyamev Jayate.

The jailed conman has publicly confronted the Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national Convenor, Arvind Kejriwal, by asking him a series of questions- in an open letter which contained serious allegations of corruption. These are grave allegations and if found true, will totally unmask Kejariwal and his brand of politics. So it is incumbent upon Kejariwal to come clean on these serious allegations. He cannot be evasive and dub these charges frivolous because a conman, lodged in jail, has levelled them. The truth must be established by an independent inquiry. These are grave.

One of the most iconic film dialogues – “Sheeshe ke ghar me rahne vale doosaron par patthar nahin fainkte”( Those living in glass houses do not throw stones at others) resonates with Mr. Kejariwal. Before attaining power, he used to call press conferences regularly to level corruption charges against all. Today humungous charges of corruption have been levelled against him. He has not only failed to respond to any of them but instead, is resorting to counter allegations like operation lotus etc. None are convinced by his feeble excuses and the people are waiting for the truth to come out concerning the charges of corruption levelled against him including the huge excise scam, in which, prima facie, all the big guns of the ruling party in Delhi seem to be deeply involved. According to newspaper reports, the CBI which has been tasked to investigate the nefarious excise scam, has made considerable progress in the investigation and has even arrested several persons involved in the scam. The trusted deputy of Mr Kejariwal had also been interrogated by the CBI for several hours, a few weeks ago.

The vicious web of lies, deceits and falsehood has come full circle. It is public knowledge that our politics is rotten to the core and billions of black money is required for contesting elections. How and wherefrom the money comes, nobody seems to bother. These inept unethical politicians also keep violating the basic rule that “ if you are corrupt then be humble”. This arrogant dishonesty brazenly masquerading as honesty has become the norm in our hypocritical murky politics. These double standards are boomeranging with adverse consequences and to the continuous detriment of our society. All this has to be ended rapidly to allow our country to blossom to its full potential and end the misery of our suffering millions by bringing morality back into governance.

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