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Kejriwal stands exposed as CBI nabs media head over channelling funds to AAP in Goa polls

Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi stands exposed in the excise scam as CBI arrested a news channel head involved in hawala transfer to help Aam Aadmi Party (Pic. Courtesy ANI)

As per newspaper reports, the media head of a prominent news channel was arrested by the CBI yesterday, in connection with the transfer of several crores of rupees through hawala, to Goa. This was purportedly to help AAP campaign in the assembly elections.

This news expose nails the lies perpetuated by Mr. Kejriwal and his party leaders who professed that no exchange of money in the excise scam would ever be traced by the investigating agencies and the agencies probing the scam were only out to malign Mr. Kejriwal .

This expose is a pointer to the fact that the sanctimonious proponents of “new politics” are immersed deep in the cesspool of corruption. This is a serious setback for those who were out to prove that the so-called “Delhi excise scam” was a myth. The coming days are going to be crucial for those people who are under the lens of investigating agencies. This arrest also dampens the euphoria created by the recent Supreme Court judgement on the power sharing between  LG and Delhi Government which had  presented an opportunity for the AAP party to divert attention from the scam  by having some notional celebrations to enliven  the prevailing  dismal scenario for Kejriwal and his party .The celebrations were short lived  and uncalled  for as the Supreme Court judgement had just stated the obvious, but as usual, Mr. Kejariwal went overboard to claim a long awaited victory  and proclaimed that he had now acquired the requisite power to serve the people of Delhi, with renewed vigour. Mr Kejriwal needs to be sounded off that without the so-called full powers to govern, he had indulged in so many murky deals like the infamous Delhi excise scam and the construction of “Sheesh Mahal” at a whopping cost of Rs 40 crores. At an additional exorbitant cost of Rs 120 crores he had even brazenly increased the size of his otherwise massive plush lawn! What are  other  pending   Kejariwal desires still awaiting fulfilment with the so-called newly acquired unbridled power, is a question which only  the future will  ominously answer.

It is now becoming increasingly difficult for even blind “Bhaktas” of Kejriwal to defend him as the realisation has dawned on them that the Delhi excise scam  is going to cost Kejriwal’s aam aadmi  honest image dearly . After he was questioned for hours  by the CBI , the  dark clouds of this scam started  gathering . To aggravate the disillusionment of Delhi voters with the AAP leaders, the recent “Sheesh Mahal Scam” worth nearly Rs 45 crore, relating to the money spent on renovation of Kejriwal’s official residence has unravelled. It has further tarnished the carefully crafted image of simple living, high thinking ideology of  Kejriwal . How can the public forget the tall claims made by the same Kejriwal regarding the professed  austerity measures  he would implement when  he would be elected  like  he would  neither ever  use an official vehicle nor  would  he use an official residence! He is the selfsame Kejriwal who used to accuse Mrs. Shiela Dixit, former Chief Minister of Delhi for using air conditioners. Kejriwal’s video accusing his predecessor falsely of misusing government amenities  are  resonating with a sense of déjà vu-  the  same Kejriwal spent Rs 45 crores to furnish his official house. This is unprecedented in the history of our Republic. The kind of luxury items he ordered for his own comfort are astounding-only maharajas of the past, who had no accountability towards the people, could shamelessly indulge in these wanton luxuries, not a democratically elected person. During the traumatic Covid pandemic  he was pronouncing  that he had no money to help his  people cope with  the catastrophe while quietly and sinisterly he was sanctioning crores for purchasing costly kitchen gadgets, luxury curtains, importing Italian tiles et al for his official home.

The kind of uber luxurious and lavish lifestyle currently enjoyed by Kejriwal is unbecoming of a public servant who  was  steadfastly professing austerity to the world and proclaiming that he would change the political culture in India. Ironically, nothing changed except him. A so-called product of the anti-corruption campaign is now  surrounded by a corrupt coterie. Two of his erstwhile senior cabinet colleagues are behind bars from a long time.

The excise scam is clearly humungous. Serious investigation needs to be carried out in this scam involving colossal loot to expose the role of the kingpins. The investigating agencies need to expedite their investigations and put behind bars the masterminds of this crime to convey a strong message to all those wielding political power that they will have to pay the price for their corrupt acts ultimately. The investigators have to show exemplary courage as they had manifested in the fodder scam of Bihar when a sitting chief minister was arrested and imprisoned. For all those accountable for the crimes committed in the Delhi excise scam, worth several billion rupees, the clock is ticking loudly. No amount of subterfuge and hypocritical protestations can cover up the wheeling dealing  aam aadmi sarkar. It has destroyed the public’s trust . That is the biggest crime.

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(Vijay Shankar Pandey retired from the Indian Administrative Service. He has an established record of raising his voice against corruption in public life. Views expressed are personal and exclusive to India Narrative)