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Video: Cops just watch as gangster Tillu Tajpuria is beaten to death in Delhi’s Tihar jail

Screengrab from the video

Fresh CCTV footage has emerged which shows that as dying gangster Tillu Tajpuriya was being carried away by policemen after a deadly attack in Delhi’s Tihar jail on May 2, his attackers beat him up again with several policemen just watching and some of them even stepping back to stay away from the violence. Tillu Tajpuria’s body had over 90 injury marks.

The gangsters take turns to beat up Tillu until he goes limp and appears to be dead.The time on the video screen is 6.15 am on May 2 (Tuesday).

The security personnel who watched the horrific attack allegedly belong to the Tamil Nadu Special Police force contingent posted at Tihar jail.

Footage that surfaced earlier showed the gangster being stabbed repeatedly by six men.

The police say Tajpuriya was killed by the men of rival gangster Jitender Gogi, who was shot dead inside a court in 2021. To avenge their leader’s death, the Gogi gang members allegedly plotted Tajpuriya’s killing.