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Video: BMW speeding at 230 kmph just moments before crash on UP Expressway, 4 dead 

Screengrab from the video

The live video from inside a BMW car speeding at 230 kilometres per hour (kmph) on Uttar Pradesh’s Purvanchal Expressway shows the last moments just before the vehicle crashed into a truck resulting in the death of all the four occupants of the luxury car.

The premonition of the impending disaster appears to have been tragically captured on camera with of the victims remarking:  “charo marenge (all four of us will die)”, while doing a Facebook live showing the speedometer.

It also appears that one of the four friends were aiming to chase a speed of up to 300 kilometres per hour (kmph) and record the event when it rammed into a container truck coming from the opposite side and splintered into a a heap of scrap. The bloodied bodies of the four friends were strewn on the road.

Dr Anand Prakash, a 35-year-old professor at a private medical college in Rohtas was driving the car while one of his friends can be heard pushing him to hit a speed of 300 km per hour.

Dr Prakash asked everyone to fasten their seatbelts and assured them he would speed up once he finds a long straight stretch on the road.

The victims have been identified as Anand Prakash, a resident of Dehri, Bihar, Akhilesh Singh, who was a realtor, Deepak Kumar, an engineer — both from Aurangabad, Bihar — and a businessman named Mukesh. All of them were in their mid-30s.

The truck driver, who has been charged with causing death due to negligence, fled the spot. Police have launched a manhunt to nab him.