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Last man standing: Dedicated Pandit Rajesh Kumar refuses to abandon Mandir in Kabul

Pandit Rajesh Sharma conducting puja in the Rattan Nath Mandir (Pic Courtesy Twitter/@PankajSaxena84)

While people are trying to leave strife-torn Afghanistan which has been taken over by the Taliban, some individuals have decided to leave their fate to God.

One such person is Pandit Rajesh Kumar who happens to be the last Hindu priest of the Rattan Nath mandir. With the Taliban gaining ground, Kumar’s well wishers wanted him to leave Kabul. In fact many Hindus offered to arrange for his travel and stay too. Kumar, however, with his complete devotion to the mandir, was not willing.

According to a tweet by Bharadwaj “Pandit Rajesh Kumar, the priest of Rattan Nath Temple in Kabul said ‘Some Hindus have urged me to leave Kabul & offered to arrange for my travel and stay. But my ancestors served this Mandir for hundreds of years. I will not abandon it. If Taliban kills me, I consider it my Seva’."

Gurudwara in Kabul

There are Hindus and Sikhs also who have taken refuge in Kabul’s Karte Parwan gurdwara according to Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee President Manjinder Singh Sirsa.

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Sirsa said: “I am in constant touch with the president of Gurdwara Committee of Kabul and the Sangat who have told me that 320 plus people, including 50 Hindus and 270 plus Sikhs, have taken refuge in Karte Parwan gurdwara in Kabul in wake of recent developments. Taliban leaders have met them and assured them of their safety. We are hopeful that Hindus and Sikhs would be able to live a safe and secure life despite political and military changes happening in Afghanistan," Sirsa said.