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Day after Delhi minister claims 28 kg weight loss, new video shows him eating hearty meal in jail

Screengrab from the viral video

A new purported video of Delhi minister Satyendar Jain having an elaborate meal inside Tihar Jail has emerged, just a day after footage of the minister receiving an oil massage inside his jail cell triggered an uproar.

The latest CCTV footage sourced from Tihar jail sources shows Jain getting an elaborate meal including fruits and dry fruits in in his jail cell.

Tihar Jail sources also said that the Delhi minister gained 8 kg weight during his time in jail, contrary to his lawyer’s claims of him having lost 28 kgs.

The new footage surfaced a day after Jain on Tuesday submitted before the trial court that he has not been getting privileges like proper food and medical check-up in Tihar Jail. He had also claimed that he lost 28 kg while being locked up in jail.

Sharing the video on his twitter handle BJP spokesperson Shehzad Poonawalla said “One more video from media! After taking maalish from rapist & calling him PHYSIO therapist, Satyendra Jain can be seen enjoying sumptuous meal! Attendants serve him food as if he is in a resort on vacation!”

“Kejriwal ji ensured that hawalabaaz gets VVIP maza not saza!,” Poonawalla said

In an accompanying video on his Twitter account, Poonawalla said after,” He is being served outside food by two attendants as if he is in a resort or a restaurant and there is a variety of delicacies and dishes in front him, as if he is not there for the saza (punishment) of corruption, but maza (fun) of maalish (massage)and restaurant food.”

“Arvind Kejriwal must answer why the person who has been in jail for the last five months is being given this facility by keeping him in the minister post — to take ‘vasooli’ from Sukesh, maalish from a rapist and now food from outside jail,” Shehzad said.

On Tuesday, the minister’s counsel Senior Advocate Rahul Mehra had alleged that Enforcement Directorate was leaking sensitive information to the media despite the order of the Court and undertaking given in this court.

Rahul Mehra also denied ED allegations of getting privileged treatment in Tihar Jail. He asked, “What privilege are they talking about?”

“I have lost 28 kg in jail. Is this what a privileged person in jail gets? I’m not even getting proper food. What privilege are they talking about? No prison rules are violated if an undertrial is pressing his hand or feet,” Jain said.

However, appearing for ED, advocate Zohaib Hossain denied the allegations made by Satyendar Jain’s lawyer and said that there is not a single leak from the Enforcement Directorate.

The latest episode comes days after purported videos of the minister getting a massage inside his cell in Tihar went viral on social media. The Aam Aadmi Party however asserted that Jain was receiving physiotherapy.

Sources reported on Tuesday that the person administering massage on Jain was not a physiotherapist, furthermore, he has been identified as a rape accused too.