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Watch: Spicejet’s poetic pilot puts flyers in high spirits!

Screengrab from the video

Spicejet pilot Mohit Teotia is known to lift the spirits of passengers on his flight with his poetic addresses to passengers.


In a video shared on his Instagram account, Teotia has his passengers in splits of laughter after his announcement: (Zameen se upar ghoobsurat hoga asaman. And also, kisi bhi aapathkalin sthithi mein rakhe apne miji biwi ka dyan, kyun ki agar nazar bakthi tho chala sakthi he theer kaman)!

This time around it was a special flight for him as his mother and infant son were also travelling for the first time on his flight.

He had a second round of laughter for the flyers by announcing: “This flight is very special for me, too, because two people are travelling with me. While one of them used to change my diapers–my mother–the other is the one whose diapers I change nowadays–my one-year-old son!”