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Watch: Man jumps in to save dog stuck in half-frozen lake

Screengrab from the video

The heart-touching video shows a man jumping into the lake to rescue a dog who was stuck in the semi-frozen lake as it could not clear a path through the ice to swim to the shore. The incident took place at Sloan Lake in Colorado, USA.

The man wades through the lake, breaking the ice with his hands and clearing the path to reach the dog. The dog who has been thrashing around with little success, then gets a clear path in the water and is able to follow the man back to the safety of the shore.

An Instagram user, Holly Morphew, shared this video online and wrote that the dog ran into the lake while it was chasing geese. “We watched in horror knowing the ice would soon run out. It did, and the dog went down into the lake. It struggled for a long time as we helplessly looked on, praying it could break enough ice to get to the shore. But it was getting tired and we could see the struggle wasn’t going to last much longer. We called 911 and the fire department was on its way. We weren’t sure their rescue would be fast enough.”

A man, identified as Jason Skidgel, took off his clothes and dived in to save the dog, she further explained.