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Watch:  Hunter about to shoot deer ends up befriending the innocent animal

Screengrab from the video

An amazing video shows a hunter is about to shoot a deer in a forest but suddenly has a change of heart as the harmless animal just keeps walking towards him instead of running away and comes and stands next to his pointed gun.

The hunter then bursts into laughter and starts patting the deer affectionately.

The clip, shared by Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda. “The hunter’s hunting mindset was hunted…The deer he wanted to shoot, approached him, for reasons difficult to fathom. And then the hunter quickly realised that it is much more satisfying to pet the animal than shooting it,” tweeted Mr Nanda.

According to some wildlife experts it is quite possible that the deer earlier had some pleasant experience with humans and therefore had no reason to fear and was looking for a similar response again.