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Watch: Ferocious Tiger shark chomps down filmmaker’s camera

The tiger shark whose mouth and teeth were filmed by a documentary film director

A filmmaker provided a real-life experience to the viewers when he managed to film a shark chomping down his camera – making viewers realise how it is to be eaten by this top predator of the ocean.

The Video:

As per details in the Independent, Zimy Da Kid, who is a filmmaker and conservationist was shooting in the waters of Fuvahmulah, south of Maldives, a documentary when this tiger shark circling around him took a bite of his camera.

The footage shot shows the inside of the shark’s mouth, complete with its razor-sharp frightening teeth and gills. The filmmaker told the media: “I put my Insta360 on a weight and then I put it on the sand and the shark was curious. He saw this shiny thing and he thought ‘let me taste it' and then he bit the camera.”

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