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WATCH: Fearless women police officers pin down alligator in school campus

Screengrab from the video.

Two fearless woman police officers captured a six-foot-long alligator that had entered a school in South Carolina in the US.

The video shared by the city police shows a woman police officer tying the reptile’s mouth. Another officer is seen taking over the rope and later two women lie down on the alligator’s back to pin it down. The officers then courageously tie the reptile’s mouth so that the reptile can cause no harm.  completely.

The alligator was later released in a pond.

The police women were praised online for their brave act. “I saw these same young ladies remove a ten-foot gator from my front yard last year. Awesome team. I lived in Florida on the edge of the Everglades for thirty years. They removed gator flawlessly…. Great job!!!” commented a user.