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Viral Video: Scooter parked in the sun turns so hot that a man cooks a Dosa on its seat!

Screengrab from the video.

A video showing a man cooking a dosa on the seat of his scooter which has been parked in the sun during the heatwave sweeping across many states in the country has gone viral on social media. 

The video, which has been watched close to 30,000 times, shows a man using dosa batter known as maavu in Tamil and spreading it on the scooter seat. With temperatures crossing 40 degrees Celsius the batter turns brown showing that the Dosa is cooked. 

The caption in the video says, “Vespa Dosa Done by professionals at 40 degrees temperature outside in summer.”

Harsh Goenka who is the chairman of RPG Enterprises shared the video with the caption, “Look at our innovative spirit! Here is a person exploiting the heat outside and making dosa!”