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Video: Angry tiger charges at tourists on open safari

Screengrab from the video

A video tweeted by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Surender Mehra shows a group of tourists on an open safari in for a big scare as a wild  tiger charges at them.

The group only had themselves to blame as in their enthusiasm they ventured too close to the wild beast and ended up provoking him.

The big cat, in its natural habitat, seemed to be furious over the intrusion and can be seen growling and charging at them to protect his turf.

The scary incident took place when a group of tourists aboard an open jeep spotted a tiger in the thicket and were busy clicking its pictures and trying to get a closer look.

The alert jeep driver quickly sped ahead after which the tiger turned around and retreated back into the forest.

“Sometimes, our ‘too much’ eagerness for ‘Tiger sighting’ is nothing but intrusion in their Life,” Mr Mehra wrote in the caption of the post.