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Stunning video: Baby whale seeks human help to rescue mother stuck in fishing net

Screengrab from the video

A stunning video shows an anxious baby killer whale approaching humans in a boat to rescue its mother who is stuck in a fishing net. After the rescue service experts calm down the baby whale, it starts swimming in a particular direction indicating that they should follow her.

The rescuers are amazed to find that the baby has led them to her mother who is trapped in a fishing net. They then cut open the net with scissors and let the mother killer whale free.

In a remarkable development that followed, a pod of killer whales who realise that the rescuers have saved the life of their companion swim around the humans as if to thank them.  Finally, the rescued mother whale and the baby also swim around the boat in an expression of love and appreciation and eventually reluctantly go away when the boat reaches the shore.

“Killer whales ask humans for help,” reads the caption of the heartwarming  video.

Killer whales gained their common name because some types prey on other whales. They were once called “whale killers” by sailors who witnessed instances of their attacks on larger cetaceans. Over time, the name gradually changed to “killer whale”.