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Snakes and lizards entering Delhi-NCR homes to escape heat wave!

An Indian Rat snake was found coiled around a bed post in Silver Oak Farm, Ghitorni, New Delhi

With no let-up in the heat wave in Delhi and National Capital Region, a large number of reptiles are being found in unexpected places like window sills, bedrooms and storage rooms as these are cooler places than their natural habitats.

The Wildlife SOS Rapid Response Unit has been receiving calls for rescue about such creatures.

The NGO was recently informed about a six-feet-long Indian Rat Snake coiled around the bed of a residence in Silver Oak Farm, Ghitorni, in New Delhi. Even though non-venomous, the residents of the place were shocked beyond words seeing the snake and called the helpline. On reaching the site, the team carefully removed the viper and placed it in the transport carrier.

Likewise, a juvenile Black-headed royal snake, non-venomous, was found in the storage area of a residence in Madrasa Road, Kashmere Gate and rescued. Nestled among unused items it had found respite from the heat!

Not just snakes but monitor lizards too are finding their way into homes. The rescue team had to rush to help a 3-feet-long Monitor lizard in DMRC Apartments, Sarita Vihar as it had ended up trapped between the window panes. It was rescued and moved to the carrier.

All three reptiles were later released back into the wild.

Thanking the alert people of Delhi-NCR, the CEO of Wildlife SOS, Kartick Satyanarayan remarked: “Reptiles are cold-blooded animals who are more active during the summertime. Over the years, people have become more aware of this behaviour and contact our helpline as soon as they spot a reptile. We are grateful for all our callers who prioritize the wellbeing of these animals as much as their own safety.” 

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