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Multiple snake sightings and rescues in Delhi-NCR due to heat wave!

The five-foot-long Indian Cobra rescued at Garhi Harsaru, Gurgaon Sector 99 from a farmhouse

With the heatwave continuing in Delhi and NCR, there has been spurt in the snake sightings in different parts of the region. These multiple sightings include venomous Cobras and Common kraits and this has kept the Wildlife SOS Rapid Response Unit on its toes as last week itself they rescued five venomous snakes!


At the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University there was a scare as the Rapid Response Unit received an urgent rescue call for a Common Krait snake found in a warden's flat at Mahi Mandavi Hostel. It was spotted by a professor as it slithered along the main door of his residence.

A two-member team of trained snake rescuers were immediately sent and they carefully removed the reptile and transferred it into a transportation carrier.

Common Kraits and Indian Cobras are a part of the four common venomous snakes found in India.

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At Garhi Harsaru, Gurgaon’s Sector 99, a five-foot-long Indian Cobra was rescued from a farmhouse while in the same area in BPTP Park Prime, Sector 66, another Indian Cobra was also found who had made its way inside the ground floor lobby in search of respite from the glaring sun!

West Delhi’s Mundka factory employee saw a five-foot-long cobra which too was rescued before it could cause any harm to the staff. Likewise, in a late-night call rescue saw the NGO visit a house in Chanchal Park, Najafgarh- Nangloi extension where again a cobra was found in the balcony.

Cobra at Chanchal Park, Najafgarh- Nangloi extension

Explaining the reason for these sightings, Wasim Akram, Deputy Director, Special Projects, Wildlife SOS, said: “Snakes require external sources to regulate their body. Thus, during the summer they venture out in search of cooler places. When encountered with a snake one must remain calm and immediately contact professionals to help with extrication.”