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Delhi man saves trapped ‘Do Muha’ snake 

Realising how difficult it is to remove the metal rings around the snake, the rescuers used a metal cutter

Thanks to prompt action on part of a Delhi citizen, a Red sand boa snake got a new lease of life. Earlier this week, a resident of Uttam Nagar’s Tilak Enclave in Delhi saw the reptile struggling to move as it had two metal rings around its body.

Curious to know, he looked closer and found that these rings were spare parts from his motor pump that was being serviced outside his house. Unable to bear the pain and suffering the snake was undergoing as it couldn’t move, he immediately called Wildlife SOS Rapid Response Unit 24×7 emergency helpline (9871963535).

Red Sand Boa2
The Red sand boa stuck in two rings which are spare parts of a motor pump

The NGO sent a two-member team to the scene and they identified the snake as a Red sand boa which is non-venomous.

After exhausting all the options of freeing the snake from the rings, the rescuers decided to use a metal cutter to cut the motor pump rings. This was done very carefully and precisely to ensure that the animal doesn’t get hurt. Their timely action saved the snake who is under medical observation and will soon be released back into its natural habitat.

Kartick Satyanarayan, the NGO’s CEO praised the citizen and said: “This is a perfect example of how a prompt and responsible action can save wildlife from perilous situations.”

Sharing details about this species, Wasim Akram, Deputy Director, Special Projects, Wildlife SOS said this species is found in India, Pakistan and Iran. “This species is referred to as ‘Do Muha’ in Hindi, translating to ‘double-headed’ due to its thick blunt tail that gives the appearance of two heads. It is also easily recognisable due to its shovel-shaped nose.”