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Captured on Camera: High-rise tower swing at Rajasthan fair crashes to the ground,11 injured

Eleven people were injured after the tower swing had a free fall due to a broken cable during a fair in Ajmer

Eleven people were injured as a high-rise tower swing at a fair in Rajasthan’s Ajmer crashed to the ground on Monday after its cable suddenly snapped, according to the local police.

Videos of the crash shot by those present at the fair have been posted on social media.

One of the clips shows the ride spinning as it begins its descent and within moments screams of those on board are heard as the swing goes into a free-fall and plunges to the ground.

Other videos also show people crying out in pain around the collapsed ride as onlookers try to help them get up.

Eleven people injured in the accident are being treated at a government hospital. All of them are out of danger,” a police officer said.