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Violence In Greece As It Builds Detention Camps For Refugees

Violence In Greece As It Builds Detention Camps For Refugees

Greece Plans To Build Its Sixth Camp To Detain The Refugees Crossing Over From Turkey After The Latter’s Decision To Open Its Borders With The European Union. Two Of These Detention Centres Will Be Built On The Mainland, While The Others Will Hold The Asylum Seekers On Greece’s Numerous Islands.

The Country Will Detain Those Asylum Seekers Who Cross Over In March. The EU Fears An Influx Of Refugees, After Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan Announced In Late February That He Was “Opening The Doors” For Migrants To Enter Europe. The Announcement Led To EU Ministers Holding Emergency Meetings To Avoid Taking In Refugees.

Turkey Is Home To Approximately Four Million Migrants From War-Torn Syria, And A Handful From Conflict-Afflicted Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, And Pakistan. In 2015-16, Europe Led By Germany Had Opened Its Borders To Allow Over One Million Mostly-Syrian Refugees To Settle. Once The Refugees Had Been Absorbed In Various Countries, The EU And Turkey Signed A Deal To Provide The Latter With Financial Support To Hold The War-Torn Syrians Back In Turkey.

The Sentiment In Europe Is Currently Changing And Is Turning Hostile Towards Refugees. Countries Are Hardening Their Stand And Many Have Criticized The Turkish Move As Blackmail. The Turkish Government Says That It Wants More Funds As The EU Has Not Fulfilled Its Deal. The EU Has Been Criticized By NGOs And Human Rights Groups For Taking A Hard Stand Against The Syrian Refugees, Fleeing Their Country From War.

Meanwhile Clashes Have Erupted On The Greece-Turkey Border And In The Detention Centres. Many Refugees Have Been Injured And Some Allegedly Killed After The Greek Police Tear-Gassed Those Trying To Cross The Borders Forcibly. The Turkish Police Also Retaliated By Tear-Gassing Greek Border Forces.

Greece Has Crammed Tens Of Thousands Of Refugees In Detention Centres Who Are Living In Poor Conditions. The Government Has Said That It Will Not Provide State Support, Asylum, And Benefits To The Refugees. Greece Has Made It Clear That They Have To Go Back To Their Own Countries.

Beside The Clashes Between The Refugees And The Greek Forces, Violence Has Been Reported As Fascists And Hardliners From Across Europe Are Converging In Greece To Prevent Refugees From Spilling Over Into Europe. People Have Been Setting Up Roadblocks, Attacking Cars And Beating Up People With Contrarian Views.