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Jamaican gold medallist would have missed race if Good Samaritan had not given him cab fare in Tokyo!

Jamaica’s Hansle Parchment who won the gold medal in the men’s 110-meter hurdles at the Tokyo Olympics defeating reigning world champion Grant Holloway of the USA would not have made it to the final race on time had it not been for the kind help of Good Samaritan.

On the day of the final, the 31-year-old athlete boarded a wrong bus by mistake and ended up at an aquatics center instead of the race track where he had to compete for the final.

According to the Jamaican publication The Gleaner, Parchment appeared poised to arrive at Tokyo’s Olympic Stadium without time to warm up for the biggest race of his life as Olympic officials told him that his only option was to return to the Olympic Village and take another bus to the athletics venue.

However, he was saved in the nick of time as a stranger stepped up to save Parchment. Although severe laws prevented her from doing much to help, Tijana Stojkovic, a 25-year-old Olympic volunteer, handed Parchment money to take a taxi directly to the stadium, according to the champion athlete. The Good Samaritan had saved the day for Parchment, and he was able to reach the correct location with sufficient time to warm up and put in his best performance to win the gold medal.

After his victory Parchment located Stojkovic and thanked her for her timely help. Parchment went looking for Stojkovic to thank her for helping him win the gold medal. He found her at a bus stop two days after the race, and thanked her profusely.

He said she was “instrumental in getting me to the final that day” before delivering her his gold medal. “That’s just because you helped me,” Parchment said. After that, he gave her a yellow Team Jamaica shirt and repaid her the money she had given him for the cab fare. Following that, the two posed for a shot together.

The video was eventually reshared by a proud Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

It was truly a tale of good deeds all the way making everyone proud!