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Ukraine crisis: India ready to help neighbours and other developing countries in evacuation efforts

India has deployed its senior ministers as Special Envoys to Ukraine's neighbouring countries to coordinate and oversee the evacuation process on the ground (Image courtesy: MEA)

Even as it continues to undertake a massive evacuation effort to bring thousands of Indians back home from Ukraine, India has offered to help its neighbours and other developing countries whose citizens are stranded in the conflict zone.

New Delhi is not only dispatching today urgent relief supplies, including medicines while taking into account the humanitarian requirements in Ukraine, but also deploying its senior ministers as Special Envoys to Ukraine's neighbouring countries to coordinate and oversee the evacuation process on the ground.

"We stand ready to help those from our neighbours and developing countries who are also stranded in Ukraine and may seek assistance," Ambassador T S Tirumurti, India's Permanent Representative to the United Nations said at a UN Security Council meeting on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine.

Operaton Ganga Ukraine

The Narendra Modi government, said Tirumurti, remains "deeply concerned" for the safety and security of thousands of Indian citizens, including students, stranded in Ukraine even though the evacuation efforts have been adversely impacted by the developments on ground at the border crossings.

He said that there is an urgent and pressing humanitarian situation developing in Ukraine with India attaching "the highest priority" to safety and well-being of civilians, in particular women, children and elderly in such times of conflict.

India also told UNSC that it remains "deeply concerned at the unfolding developments" in Ukraine, where the situation continues to deteriorate and once again makes a considered call for immediate cessation of violence and an end to all hostilities.

"India's Prime Minister has advocated this strongly in his recent conversations with the leadership of the Russian Federation and Ukraine. We welcome the commencement of direct talks. We reiterate our conviction that differences can only be bridged through sustained dialogue and diplomacy," said Tirumurti.

He underscored once again that all member states have agreed on the principles in the UN Charter, international law and on the respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of states. 

"As reiterated yesterday, there is no other option but to return to the path of diplomacy and dialogue, as the only way ahead," said India's Permanent Representative. 

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