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Taliban wants to kill Ahmad Massoud in battle, says former Afghan Ambassador

Muhammad Zohir Agbar, former Afghan ambassador to Tajikistan. (Photo:Reuters)

TheTaliban do not want to negotiate with the Northern alliance, instead they want to kill the leaders including Ahmad Massoud in the battle. This claim has been made by the former  Afghan ambassador to Tajikistan Muhammad Zohir Agbar who was appointed during the Ashraf Ghani regime. 

“They are insolent and aggressive, their goal is to bring entire Afghanistan to its knees. They do not agree to any terms in the Doha talks. Their goal is to eliminate the leaders of the resistance, especially Ahmad Massoud,” the Russian news agency Sputnik cited Agbar as saying.

Taliban intend to kill leader of resistance front in Panjshir- Afghan Ambassador

Abgar says that the Taliban cannot be trusted. Last week the Taliban and the Northern Alliance leaders started the negotiations and it was decided that both the warring parties will not attack each other and will follow the ceasefire until the second round of the talks but the Taliban violated the agreement and has launched attacks.

"The Taliban will never negotiate with them (the leaders of the resistance in Panjshir), they (Taliban) are not politicians, but terrorists who were on the list of banned organizations in many countries already three years ago," warns the ambassador.

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In the last meeting between the Taliban and Northern Alliance, there was no outcome as both the groups stuck to their points. The Taliban wanted to discuss the issue of Panjshir, but Massoud’s representatives wanted to discuss the structure of the future government.

Massoud has made it clear in his conditions for the negotiations with the Taliban that the future government of the country will have to be an inclusive one where there will be equal rights for the women and minorities. It was decided that both delegations will share the message with their leadership and resume the negotiations to reach a durable peace in the country and the parties will not attack each other but after that there was no message from the Taliban.

Instead they reinforced their fighters around the formidable Panjshir Valley and have been trying to breach the Northern Alliance’s outer security rings. The Taliban have also asked the service providers to switch off the mobile and internet services in the valley.