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Spurning Shehbaz Sharif’s offer of Grand Dialogue, Imran Khan dares Pak PM to arrest him

PTI on Sunday rejected Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s offer of a ‘grand dialogue’ between all stakeholders over vital sectors of economy, saying “there will be no talks with an imported government which has no legitimacy”.

Belligerent former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran khan Niazi has rejected the offer made by Premier Shehbaz Sharif for a grand dialogue involving all stakeholders for the sake of the country’s collapsing economy. But Niazi has  refused to take part in any dialogue with the “imported” government by saying that he wants only fresh elections immediately.

“There would be no talks on any issue other than the new elections in the country,” said the former Prime Minister who returned to Islamabad on Sunday night after securing the bail from the Peshawar High Court till June 25.

Imran was booked in a number of cases at multiple police stations across Islamabad over allegations of arson and vandalism a day after he abruptly ended his Long March on May 26.

Fearing arrest, Niazi  was  living in Peshawar in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan where his party is in power.

A case of treason is also filed against him after Khan warned the Pakistani army and the government  of grave consequences for Pakistan if his demand for early elections was not met.

He crossed the red-line when he asserted  that  "the actual problem here is the establishment. If the establishment does not take the right decision, then I will give it to you in writing that they will be destroyed, and the armed forces will be the first ones to be destroyed and ultimately the country will break into three parts.” Khan warned that a civil war is on the radar if elections are not called immediately.

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Following his return to Bani Gala , Khan’s residence in Islamabad, the Pakistani security agencies are on high alert amid the rumours of a plot to assassinate the former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

"As per the law, he is being provided security.  Imran Niazi has been named in more than two dozen cases registered across the country under charges of rioting, sedition, spreading chaos and armed attacks on the federation. The same security will arrest the PTI chairman with "great enthusiasm" as soon as his court bail expires,” said Rana Sanaullah Khan, the  Interior Minister of Pakistan in a series of tweets on Sunday.

"A person who spreads chaos in the country on a daily basis, who has complete disregard for moral and democratic values and who sometimes calls his opponents traitors and Yazidis… how can he be the head of a political party in a democratic society,” the Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan said that there were several cases registered against Imran for allegedly fomenting violence during the long march on May 25. Imran will be arrested as soon as his bail ends, he added.

Responding to “threats” by the Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, Imran Khan’s close aide and former Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi warned that any such attempt would be a mistake. If Imran was arrested, millions of people will be on the road to protest.

“The entire nation listened to Rana Sanaullah’s threats and his rhetoric. Rana Sanaullah plans to arrest Imran Khan. If he thinks we will remain silent on Imran’s arrest, he is a big fool,” Qureshi said.

According to Khan’s party,  the next few days are very important because Imran Khan is in danger and Khan himself has already said that a conspiracy has been hatched against him behind high walls and closed doors. 

Imran Khan had said in one of rallies that  there is a conspiracy to kill him and he has recorded a video naming those involved which will be made public if anything happens to him. While Khan insisted that he knew who had "planned his assassination", he did not elaborate on the details.

Meanwhile Imran Khan has postponed his next long march till June 15 as according to sources, after the flopped first march.

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