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Shanghai migrant worker and her dog turn phone booth into their home during lockdown

In Shanghai, woman migrant worker's temporary home is a phone booth (Pic Credit: That's Shanghai magazine)

Following the stringent Covid 19 induced lockdown in Shanghai, a woman migrant worker along with her dog was forced to make a phone booth her home for weeks.

“She spent her days doing laundry, which she hung on a drying rack outside the phone booth, and walking her dog,” That’s Shanghai, a local news magazine reported.

The middle-aged woman, who has not been named, didn’t have a place of permanent residence and was therefore left on the streets, the magazine said.

Shanghai went into lockdown since early April.

A nearby resident documented her daily life by posting pictures of her on Chinese social media.

Though her story angered many netizens and social media users, the woman said she led a content life.

According to the magazine the woman told China Youth Daily that the one square metre place is in a tranquil area. “I enjoy it. I live a simple life and I have enough food and clothes. As long as I’m healthy, everything is fine,” she said.

Following the furore on social media, the woman was asked to leave. She however refused. But later the later phone booth was taped up forcing the woman to look for some other place to stay.

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