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Pak tycoon paid Imran Khan Rs.50 lakh every month to run his household, says former judge

Retired justice Wajihuddin Ahmed with Imran Khan. (Photo: Dawn)

Who foots the bills for Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan to run his household ? According to   the retired judge , Wajihuddin Ahmed, once a close confidant of Khan,  Pakistani business tycoon Jahangir Khan Tareen used to bear expenses of up to Rs. 30 lakh monthly for Prime Minister Imran Khan’s luxurious bungalow in Banigala in Islamabad.

“This belief is completely false that Imran Khan is one [financially] honest man. His condition is such that he has not run his own household for years,” Pakistani daily Dawn quoted Wajihuddin Ahmed as saying.

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According to the report, Ahmed further revealed in a TV interview,  that the amount was increased to Rs. 50 lakh afterwards because the fixed  amount of Rs. 30 lakh  was not sufficient to meet Khan’s household expenses.

The former supreme court judge  is known for his professional integrity, according to media reports. His allegations against  Mr Clean Imran Khan has been creating ripples in Pakistani politics. While opposition parties are gunning for Imran Khan’s head, Khan’s ministers are in a huddle as his government has failed on every front from economy to law and order.

Imran Khan’s Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry said, "Jokers like retired Justice Wajihuddin say things like these to increase their importance, so there is no need to pay much attention to them."

The bombshell disclosure has dented Khan’s credibility further since such allegations had been made repeatedly in the past but not by such a senior party member.

Wajihuddin Ahmed and Jahangir Khan Tareen both were senior leaders of Imran Khan's PTI party. Wajihuddin was PTI’s candidate for the 2013 Presidential Elections reflecting his seniority in the party. But during alleged corruption and malpractices during PTI’s intra party elections, he had submitted a report blaming Jahangir Tareen of corruption. However, the report was ignored by Imran Khan and while Tareen stayed close to Imran Khan, Wajihuddin left the party.

According to the Pakistani experts, Tareen is among Pakistan's wealthiest persons and used to fund not only Imran Khan but his party as well. In 2017, Tareen was disqualified for life for contesting elections . Nevertheless, Tareen remained close to Khan and was even chairing meetings in the Prime Minister House especially those pertaining to agriculture, however, the relationship between Khan and Tareen worsened as time passed.  He is also known for his close proximity to the military establishment.  The relation between Tareen and Khan soured when Tareen’s name figured in the multi billion dollar sugar scam this year and Pakistani law enforcement agencies filed a case against him and his family members in April this year.

“Like pearls in a necklace, we crafted the government for Imran Khan,” Tareen Khan said that many times he saved Imran Khan’s minority government in the Pakistan National Assembly. Jahangir Tareen antagonised Imran Khan when he created his own parliamentary block consisting of various PTI ministers, MPs and senators. It is said that as many as 40 MPs are in his “block”.

Tareen  further revealed that he played a major role in financing various Jalsas and political activities of the PTI with Imran Khan as a frequent flyer on his private jet.

According to Pakistani experts, Imran Khan’s political position is precarious following the differences between the military establishment over the appointment of the new chief of spy agency ISI. Imran Khan’s difficulties are multiplying. He is coming under pressure from all sides. Even the judiciary now appears to be turning against him.

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