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Over 40 businessmen abducted as Haqqanis turns Kabul into a kidnapping hub

More than 40 business people have been abducted in the city of Kabul and across the country over the past two months.

Since the Taliban  captured Afghanistan, more than 40 businessmen and traders have been kidnapped for ransom in the last two months.

According to the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI), there has been an unprecedented surge in abductions especially after the interior ministry of the Taliban regime confiscated weapons of the business community in the country.

“Around 40 cases have been recorded by the (ACCI),” Khan Jan Alokozai, deputy chief of ACCI told TOLO news of Afghanistan. “Sadly, a number of them have lost their lives. I must say that the disarmament of traders by the Islamic Emirate has caused these incidents.”

Kidnapping Cases Surge in Afghanistan

He said recently four members of the Kabul business community were killed fighting their kidnappers and these incidents have spread panic and insecurity among the business community.

According to ACCI officials, last month, Zainulabuddin, a big businessman of Kabul was kidnapped by a group of armed men from his workplace, claiming to be officials from the directorate of national security. Later they demanded money. After two days, his body was found behind the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul.

“We talked with security officials. They assured us that they will arrest the culprits but nothing has happened so far,” TOLO news reports quoting officials of the ACCI.

The surge in kidnappings and deaths, comes as Afghanistan has recently seen a massive collapse in investment.

According to the ACCI, most of the cases are reported from Kabul, followed by Kandahar, Nangarhar, Kunduz, Herat and Balk provinces.

Interestingly the interior minister of the Taliban regime is headed by the notorious terrorist Sirajuddin Haqqani, and his brother Anas Haqqani who was released by the Taliban after Kabul fell to them on August 15, is in charge of Kabul’s security.

Sirajuddin Haqqani is also the chief of dreaded terror organisation Haqqani Network and carries a bounty of $ 10 million. His uncle  Khalil Haqqani, the minister for refugees carries $ 5 million on his head. There are at least six ministers in the newly formed Taliban government who are directly associated with the most dreaded UN designated terror organisation in Afghanistan.

Haqqani Network (HQN) feeds on extortion, kidnapping, drug trafficking and real estate.

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Khalifa, as Sirajuddin is known in his HQN group, is a serial hostage taker who is currently holding American contractor and former war veteran Mark Frerichs in Afghanistan. 

Haqqani Network is also blamed for other kidnappings during the last two decades.

“Now they are in power and no one can say anything, Taliban asking businessmen to stay, invest in a safe and secured regime…no one believes them,” says one businessman who managed to leave the country to start a new life, in a new country.

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