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Afghanistan receives 22-tonnes of humanitarian aid from Qatar amid floods

Visual from rescue operation in northern Afghanistan (Photo: Reuters)

Amid floods in Afghanistan, a 22-ton shipment of Qatari humanitarian aid for the flood victims of Baghlan province arrived in Mazar-e-Sharif, TOLO News reported.

The aid comprising of food items, medicine, tents, and other essentials was handed over to the officials at Maulana Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhi airport on Monday in Mazar-e-Sharif.

The Qatari representative stated during the delivery that Doha is committed to delivering humanitarian aid to the flood-affected people in Afghanistan.

Fahd Abdullah Al-Dosari, head of the International Search and Rescue Advisory Group of Qatar, said, “This is our first shipment of aid. These 22 tons of supplies include medicine, tents, and other necessities for the affected people, and Qatar will continue its relief efforts for the flood victims in Afghanistan.”

Afghanistan considers Qatar’s assistance crucial in the current situation and has asked other countries to help Afghanistan, TOLO news reported.

Mohammad Alam Jamil, the financial and administrative deputy of the Ministry of Economy, said: “This 22-ton shipment includes tents, camp beds, and food items. This aid is not the last; perhaps five more planes will come.”

Some of the affected families and residents of Baghlan province, while welcoming Qatar’s goodwill, asked for the immediate transfer and distribution of this aid.

Shah Wali, a flood victim in Baghlan, said, “We are pleased that they are helping. We want other countries to help these people too because they have suffered a lot and have had casualties.”

The first shipment of Qatar’s humanitarian aid was handed over to the local officials in Balkh, province as many affected families in Baghlan have previously criticized the slow distribution process of humanitarian aid.

Moreover, after heavy floods hit several regions of Afghanistan, the World Food Programme on Sunday announced that most flood-affected areas are inaccessible by vehicles, including trucks, reported Khaama Press.

The organisation shared a picture showing aid workers, transferring emergency supplies to Baghlan using donkeys.

Resulting in a massive humanitarian crisis, the floods have wreaked havoc in the Afghan provinces of Badakhshan, Ghor, Baghlan, and Herat. Due to flooding, nearly 2,000 homes have been damaged, and widespread destruction has taken place in the provinces.