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Indian Muslim Students’ body condemns Hamas’ attacks on civilians, slams assault by “Israeli occupation” on Al Aqsa mosque

Israel-Hama war: What's next?

Muslim Students Organisation of India (MSO) has issued a statement
that it is deeply concerned and condemned the violence and attacks on
innocent civilians, women and children being taken as hostage.
Simultaneously, it cautioned against dangers of “associated
escalations”. “We underline that the act of violence and associated
escalations will not benefit anymore, and call on parties to act with
restraint and avoid impulsive steps.”
The statement adds that the MSO is of the view that there is need for
dialogue and for negotiations on a two-state solution to resume.
The statement unequivocally condemned recent attacks by Hamas on
innocent civilians, but also slammed Israeli occupation’s assault on
Al Aqsa mosque . “Islam never allowed such barbaric and inhumane acts. We also affirm that the Palestinian explosion that occurred is a result of the continued Israeli occupation’s assault on Al Aqsa
Mosque, the annexation of Palestinian lands and provocation of Palestinian sentiments,” the statement read.
The statement further added that the MSO appeals to the youth and
students of India to keep away from posting sensitive and dangerous
content on social media that may lead to communal tension and is not
in our national interest.

In another statement, MSO president Modassir Ashrafi Jamei said that the retaliatory Israel attacks on Palestinians are nothing short of brutal aggression, causing untold pain and devastation. “The blatant disregard for human rights and international law is deplorable and must be unequivocally condemned,” he said.