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India launches Global Biofuel Alliance at G20, Presidents of US, Brazil, Argentina join PM Modi at the ceremony

India launches Global Biofuel Alliance at G20

Among the key announcements made at the G20 summit under India’s presidency, the launch of the Global Biofuel Alliance will have far reaching implications on climate change and global energy security.

“We are launching the Global Biofuel Alliance. India invites all of you to join this initiative,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while speaking at the mega summit, said today. He underlined the need to take ethanol blending with petrol globally to 20 per cent.

Modi also proposed launching the ‘G20 Satellite Mission for Environment and Climate Observation’.

“Today, the need of the hour is that all countries should work together in fuel blending. Our proposal is to take an initiative at a global level to take ethanol blending in petrol up to 20 per cent,” Modi said in the presence of US President Joe Biden, Brazil President Luiz Inacio, President of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, Prime Minister of Italy Giorgia Meloni and Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina among others.

“Or alternatively, we could work on developing another blending mix for the greater global good, one that ensures a stable energy supply while also contributing to climate security,” Modi said at the session.

The move reflects New Delhi’s commitment toward clean energy transition and the International Solar Alliance’s thrust. The ISA was launched jointly by New Delhi and Paris to mobilize efforts against climate change through deployment of solar energy solutions. It was conceptualized on the sidelines of the 21st Conference of Parties (COP21) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) held in Paris in 2015.

Meanwhile, India has already achieved the set target of blending 10 per cent ethanol with petrol much ahead of the deadline. The Centre has indicated that the next goal of achieving 20 per cent blending by 2025-26 is also on track.

India has also set a stiff target to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2070.

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