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Fascinated crowds rush to see Spanish ghost village that emerges after dam water dries up in drought

Aceredo ghost village which emerged after the dam was nearly emptied (Pics. Courtesy Twitter/@AcontraventoGz)

It was like watching a sci-fi movie or a scary film, as a ghost village emerged when a dam on the Spanish-Portuguese border was nearly emptied of its water due to drought. The video footage of this once submerged village has taken social media by storm.


The details of life frozen in 1992, when Aceredo village in Galicia region of Spain was flooded due to creation of the Alto Lindoso reservoir, were revealed to visitors who are visiting the site in large numbers.

Talking to the media, Maximino Perez Romero who is 65 years old and from A Coruna said: "It's as if I'm watching a movie. I have a feeling of sadness. My feeling is that this is what will happen over the years due to drought and all that, with climate change."

The visitors to the site found collapsed roofs, wooden debris of doors and beams, bricks and even a drinking fountain with water still streaming from a rusty pipe.

There were also empty beer bottles in crates neatly stacked in what was once a cafe, and also a rusted old car.

Jose Alvarez who had worked in Aceredo as a construction worker expressing his mixed feelings said: "It's terrible, but it is what it is. That's life. Some die and others live.”