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Leicester Violence Has A History Of Muslim Radicalism In The UK?

The violence in Leicester has shaken the foundations of the harmonious social order that was the hallmark of multicultural assimilation in Britain. The British government, which was caught by surprise by the intensity of the sporadic but non-stop violence over three weeks, had to call in police personnel from outside the city to restore order.

The police, which was taken by surprise initially, busted lies spread by Muslims that sparked tensions. These included an attack on a mosque, the kidnapping of a Muslim girl by Hindus and an accusation that Hindu youth were marching through Muslim areas – all found to be false by the police. The police also arrested a large number of trouble-makers including youth who had come from outside the city.

India Narrative speaks with former BBC journalist Shiv Kant about what led to communal violence in the British city. London-based Shiv Kant says that there has been a Hindu consolidation in the country as Muslim radicals have been trying to indulge in moral policing – often trying to dictate to temples which is not to the liking of the Hindus.

The Hindus are now worried whether they would be able to celebrate Navratri and Diwali festivals because Muslims are trying to gather outside temples and may disrupt festivities. Diwali is celebrated at the Trafalgar Square where even other communities join the song and dance.

Muslims say they are protesting in the UK about events in India but do not talk about conversions of minor girls in Sindh and abuse of minorities in Pakistan. British Hindus are now resisting Muslim aggression and intimidation.